Educational Programs 

Teddy Bear Picnic / Discover Brass K-3
A program designed for Pre-school through grade 3.  Teddy Bear Picnic  is a narrated, musical tour of bears gathering from around the world to participate in a fun filled picnic. The children are gather from their classrooms and march thru the halls in a real teddy bear parade.  Once they arrive at the picnic grounds (auditorium) they learn about geography and American history through sound and imagination.  Discover Brass is piggy back to the Teddy Bears Picnic as a way to introduce the brass family of instruments.  The children will learn about sound production, pitch and timbre. Both programs are filled with student hands on participation. Each instrument will be cast as the featured “soloist” on a light hearted piece of music.

Total program is approximately 35 minutes in length.

Meet The Brass  K-6
An auditorium presentation of the brass instrument family.  This 45 minute program presents musical concepts to children and allows them to fix those concepts through participation and oral response.  Children will meet “Dr Beat”, learn how to make “hose-o-phones” and discover the concepts of melody, texture and timbre.  The program is fill with interaction between students and quintet. This presentation is the core program of the Evergreen Brass Quintet and has been  enthusiastically received by schools statewide as part of the Washington State Art Commission “Cultural Enrichment” and “Rural Residency” programs.

Brilliant Brass- Middle School / Jr. High
A presentation of musical concepts in a light humorous and entertaining style. Slightly more in depth discussion about technical issues of brass instruments and literature. 

  This program is approximately 40 minutes in length.

A program for instrumental musicians of all levels.  We cover tone production, rhythm, ensemble skills and practice techniques.  Live performance, skits and lecture as well as student interaction make this program a valuable learning experience.

  .This program is approximately 50 minutes in length

Artists In Residence
Imagine having five professional musicians in your school and community for up to one week providing all of the programs previously described plus much more.  We can participate in one school or an entire district.  Additional features for either academic or music classes: a presentation on Program Music, The Development of American Popular Music, Classroom visits for elementary level, Bulletin Boards, History and Development of Jazz, Teacher Workshop, Individual and Ensemble coaching.  Residency programs also include performances for retirement homes, hospitals and community concerts.

-Educational Program Reviews-

“A special thank you from us to you for your excellent program to day!  We loved it.... You had all the elements for a marvelous assembly... it was grade level appropriate, you had student involvement as well as an educational program, you inspired us all...”

-Ostrowski’s Orbiters / Grade 1/ Rock Elementary

“Your level of musical and educational skill, professionalism and adaptability are unsurpassed.  The residency week in the Methow Valley school and community was a rich and rewarding experience for all involved”

-Laura Fine-Morrison, Director, Methow Arts Alliance

“Your group did a most wonderful job of group management and you taught us well.  I am convinced that each child went away with the hopes of someday playing an instrument.“

-Judith Biddle- Hillcrest Elementary, Oak Harbor

“The Quintet left a very positive and favorable impression upon the Chelan Community and specifically the students and staff of Morgen Owings Elementary”

-Tamera Lopushinsky- Chelan

“The ‘Evergreen’ Members are terrific musicians, effective and stimulating teachers, and very wonderful representatives of the Arts Commission”

-Stan Woods- Quincy  

“ I am changing my lesson plans so I can include some of the things they mentioned on their program.”

-Louise Denbrook- Wainwright Elementary, Tacoma

“What a delightful time we had listening, watching, and learning from you.  What a great way to show off your “Stuff” in a fun, fun manner.  My second graders were very entertained... Thank you for sharing you humor and talents!

-Nelwyn Brady- Browns Point Elementary, Tacoma